Cute Piglets – New Baby Pigs! Cross Breed Babies Just Born

Cute Piglets – New Baby Pigs! Cross Type Babies Simply Born upon the homestead to the grouchy Pot Belly/ Feral/ Spot plant. Well, she’s a sow now anyhow. We were not even sure she was pregnant due to how fat she is. We observed in the last week her udder was growing and then we discovered her carrying around mouth fulls of turf to develop a nest. We separated her from the rest of the pigs and offered her a place of her own in addition to plenty of nesting material. She settled right in to constructing a nest and in the early morning presented us with 5 live, healthy, cute little piglets. It appears like 4 of them will take after the meat side and one will take after the feral side. Baby pigs sure are charming little children! Pig birthing does not seem to be so bad. They just take care of it mainly all themselves. Or so it seems.

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